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Tips about Fall Self-Care

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Self-care is something you should participate in every day, year-round.

Even if you’re busy. It’s so easy to forget to continue your self-care in the fall: all the holidays, the start of school and school activities, and the rush for the end of the year. You can get run down.

I am guilty of this – trying to manage everyone else and skimping on caring for myself enough.

Therefore, since we all need to do better, let’s look at fall self-care!

Reasons to Change Up Your Fall Self-Care Routine

With the change of seasons, there is no reason you can’t switch up your routine. Here is some more insight into why you might want to customize your self-care routine based on the time of year. Why would you change things for fall?

Changes in the Weather

In the summer, it was hot, so you might have had activities related to the hotter weather, like sitting outside on your patio when the weather was warm or enjoying a glass of iced lemonade while writing in your journal.

In the fall, the weather starts getting cooler, so the mornings might be a bit chilly. Because of the temperatures, you might just bundle up on the sofa or curl up in bed. Find ways to incorporate the weather changes into your routine by embracing different activities.

Availability of Other Activities

During this time of year, other activities may be more suited to your self-care routine. Perhaps you did yoga over the summer, but for the fall you want to go on more hikes or have evening strolls with the family. Maybe you want to enjoy a hot mug of cocoa in the evening while writing in your journal or bake cookies with your kids.

Adjustments to Your To-Do List

Did you have activities or tasks you wanted to complete over the summer that didn’t get done? Now is a good time to re-think these tasks and figure out if you can get them done during the fall season. If you use a planner or journal, look at what your summer goals were and add the ones can be done in the fall to your fall list. The year is more than half over by this point, so also consider some end-of-year goals that might switch up what your self-care routine looks like.

Ideas for Fall Self-Care

Now that we have looked at some reasons for changing up your self-care routine for fall, here are some possible ideas for fall self-care activities.

Enjoy the Outdoor Fall Scenery

When people think of self-care, they often think about staying inside and having a bath or reading a book. These are wonderful ideas. However, these choices definitely aren’t the only options. Self-care is all about doing something for yourself, whether inside or outside, alone or with others. That is why the beautiful scenery can be a great way to practice self-care in the fall.

Head outside to walk around your neighborhood, go to a nearby park, or hike where the leaves are changing. You’ll find that the scenery, the physical exertion, and the opportunity to think or enjoy the silence can be exhilarating.

Find a New Book to Read

If you’re looking more for an indoor self-care activity, it doesn’t get much better than unplugging and enjoying a great book. Do you have a stack of books on your nightstand that you keep avoiding? Put that phone away, turn off Netflix, and pick up a book instead. Get transported into the imaginary world the writer creates, and you’ll quickly understand why this is such a popular choice when it comes to self-care.

You can add a nice bath to that book or a great fall snack to up the enjoyment quotient.

Try Fall-Scented Essential Oils

Whether you are brand new to essential oils, or simply want a change for the new season, this is a fantastic time to choose some new scents. You can find blends that remind you of fall, from pumpkin spice to woodsy outdoor blends, or you can choose individual scents for the season and use your favorites.

Some fall scents to look for in your essential oils include:

  • Cinnamon
self-care cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Sweet Orange
  • Lemon

Enjoy Healthy, Fall Superfoods

Self-care is also about taking care of your physical health, including eating a balanced diet. You can add more healthy produce by choosing from the fall superfoods that are popular this time of year, such as kale, apples, pears, pumpkin, butternut squash, pomegranate, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. Make yourself a kale salad with apples and pears, enjoy a rich bowl of butternut squash soup, or whip up a baked sweet potato with your favorite toppings.

Have Fun with your Exercise Regimen

Exercise is good for self-care in many ways, from improving your physical health and preventing diseases, to releasing endorphins to put you in a better mood. It can also help a lot with sleep if you struggle to get to sleep on time in the evenings. The trick for using it as part of self-care is finding an exercise you ENJOY. You shouldn’t force yourself to do a workout routine you hate and call it self-care.

Enjoy Your Fall Self-Care!

There are a lot of ways to change your self-care routine in the fall. No matter how you decide to incorporate fall into your self-care regimen, just make sure you continue a self-care regimen. The biggest goal is to take care.

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