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Buying a New Journal? What to Look For…

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When it comes time to buy a new journal, don’t rush the process. You might be using it for months before getting another one, so it should be something that checks off all your required boxes, from the size to how it looks. Here are some features to consider when looking for a new journal.


selecting a journal

Size matters when it comes to your journal. It can change the weight, determine whether or not you can bring it with you in your purse, and it changes how long your pages are. If you journal at home and always have it sitting on your desk, then a larger journal might be good for you. You don’t have to worry about carrying it around, and this gives you more space to write. However, if you tend to bring it with you or write while holding it on a couch or chair, you don’t want it big and heavy.

Look at the Binding


Some people like the hardcover binding because it looks more like a book, but others prefer soft binding or a spiral journal since the pages are easier to open and write in. The hardcover journals are beautiful and wonderful to have, but they aren’t easy to write in because the pages don’t always open flat on the desk or table. If this bothers you, look for either a spiral journal or a soft binding that allows you to open it and lay it flat on the surface.

Blank or Lined Pages?

tips to select a journal

Another thing to consider is on the pages themselves – do you want lines or blank pages? If you do writing only in your journal, lined pages are the way to go. It keeps everything in one place, without being frustrated that you aren’t writing straight. However, if you do lists and notes, along with pictures and doodles, the black pages might work better for you.

You Want to LOVE Using the Journal


Remember that the journal you choose should be something you love. This includes a cover that really appeals to you. This might seem trivial, but it does matter. If you have a journal that isn’t really appealing on the outside or a color you don’t love, it isn’t going to be exciting to open it every day. You want something you just have to have because you are much more likely to use it on a regular basis.

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Buying a New Journal? What to Look For...


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