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The 4-Quart 360 Cookware ID004-GC Gourmet Slow Cooker

360 cookware slow cooker

Price Point: High-end

Indoor slow cookers have been with us since 1970 when the Rival Crock-Pot debuted. In the mid-70s, the popularity of slow cookers exploded as women began to enter the workforce. Promoting easy cleanup and one pot, all-day cooking, most models were very basic.


However, over time more advanced models like the have emerged. With the ability to cook without water or oil and also offering wonderful energy-saving benefits, this gourmet slow cooker by 360 Cookware has earned a great 4.3 out of 5.0-star rating on Amazon by customers who have purchased it.


Since you don’t need to use oil when cooking with this model, you can create healthier meals. The solid stainless-steel construction of the pot and lid, as well as the design of the heating element on the base, also allow for energy-saving compared to the typical slow cooker. The can handle all the basic cooking jobs that an entry-level model can. But you can also brown meats on medium heat with the lid off and benefit from the expanded heat settings the variable control knob offers.

The customer satisfaction ratings are based on several factors. For starters, buyers pointed out that they really liked the attractive brushed stainless steel pot and lid. It simply looks better on your table or in your kitchen than ceramic slow cooker models. Also, the three-layer stainless steel construction allows you to use the pot and lid in your oven or on your stove, creating a very versatile product.


As with all products, this one is not perfect. The middle to high-end price tag might put this powerful and good-looking slow cooker outside of some budgets. The circular design of the pot, which is a nice space-saving feature, lets it rest atop a special heating element. As such, the sides of the pot can get warm to the touch.

But with a heating knob that allows for more control than just a high/medium/low setting, beautiful and durable stainless steel, the ability to brown meats, and the versatility to use in your oven and on your stove, the is tough to beat.

However, if you simply want a traditional slow cooker with nicer and more versatile features than basic models, and a low-end price tag, check out the Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go 6 Quart Slow Cooker.

Bottom Line:

But for those of you who demand the best in performance, construction, and versatility, this deserves your consideration. Easy, no-mess, one-pot cooking and cleaning like lower-end models, as well as high-end features such as energy conservation and vapor cooking, come together in a beautiful brushed stainless-steel product. It adds beauty to any kitchen while it makes your life easier.

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