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Overthinking May Affect Your Physical Health

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There you are, lying in bed, warm and cozy, about to drift off, and suddenly you hear a strange noise. Since you can’t put your finger on what caused the noise, your mind tries to connect the dots. Is it a stray cat? Rogue branch scraping the window? Maybe it’s a burglar trying to find an easy way into the house? Maybe it’s a fire in the attic? In the blink of an eye, the unidentified noise has become catastrophic and you realize you’ve developed a sickening feeling in your stomach.

Overthinking affects the body. Our minds and bodies are connected, and when our mind worries, our body reacts. Chemical changes, tension, and other reactions all take place when our minds are working overtime with worries.

Overthinking Can Affect the Brain

The act of worrying happens in the brain, but the organ overthinking can damage it. The body releases stress hormones like cortisol when we worry so we can get through the stressful moment, but some people remain in a state of stress for too long. Chronic worry and overthinking can cause too much cortisol to be released into the blood and that can negatively affect the brain.

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Overthinking Can Affect Digestion

Worry is a chief cause for digestive issues. We’ve all experienced a nervous stomach when managing something difficult, but chronic overthinking can trigger longer and potentially dangerous bouts of nervousness and anxiety which can trigger disruption. Many people experience changes in their digestion associated with the intensity of their thinking. From studying for an important exam to worrying about the health and welfare of our children, our minds often trigger irritation in our stomach and intestines. Left unmanaged, this can lead to serious illnesses, including inflammatory diseases and irritable bowel syndrome.

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Overthinking Can Affect Heart Health

Worry can cause hormonal changes, increase heartbeat, raise blood pressure, and trigger other behaviors that affect the heart. Sometimes, overthinking can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety, which can include eating foods for comfort. These foods may be high in salt, fat, and sugar and could contribute to heart disease, obesity, or other health issues.

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Overthinking May Cause Inflammation

New research suggests that chronic worry and anxiety can contribute to inflammation in the body. Inflammation is an important way to help the body combat illness, but chronic inflammation can affect joints, muscles, and more. That may contribute to feeling achy and sore right along with feeling worried.

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In Conclusion

Your mind and your body are connected. Spending too much time thinking about things can trigger health issues that can be magnified the more you overthink. Getting a handle on your thoughts and reining in overthinking can help reduce the aches and pains you may not have realized were part of the process.  

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Overthinking May Affect Your Physical Health


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