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Check-in on Yourself with Your Journal

So many people are focused on their responsibilities, loved ones, and people who count on them both at home and at work, that they often neglect themselves. Not to mention all of the drama going on in the world today. If you find that this is happening to you, simply writing in a journal can help tremendously. Use your journal not to talk about anyone else, but to reflect on yourself and your own life. To check-in on YOU and see how you’re doing.

How have you been feeling?

check in on yourself journaling

Is there anything on your mind? How have you been feeling lately? Write how you have been lately, both internally and with what you have been spending your time on. Maybe you are excited and happy and want to gush about how amazing you’re doing. On the opposite side, you might want to talk about how your anxiety has been, and what has been causing some stress.

What are you struggling with?

If there is anything you have been struggling with mentally, now is a good time to check-in and figure out what is on your mind. This is where you focus more on your negative emotions, what is leading you to be more stressed out, what is frustrating, and just anything that feels like it isn’t going in the right direction.

What is going right?

check in on yourself

Don’t forget to reflect on your accomplishments! What is going right in your life? What are you loving? What is bringing you joy? Maybe there are people in your life who are so loving and supportive, you can’t help but talk about them. Or you might have gotten a promotion at work or finished a big project you are proud of. Did you recently start a
new hobby? Talk about it!

What has been motivating you?

Is there anything that has been helping to motivate you recently? This is another way to check in on yourself in your journal. Write about what your goals are, and what you find to be the most motivating thing in order to achieve those goals.

What do you feel is holding you back?

On the other hand, if a person or situation is holding you back, you might want to write about that as well. Now is the time to say goodbye to people or things that are keeping you from succeeding or who are not supportive of your plans to better your life.

Hopefully, you can use these tips/questions to help you get some clarity while writing in your journal.

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Check-in on Yourself with Your Journal

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