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What is Habit Stacking?

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Habit stacking is the process of taking habits that fit together and putting them into a routine. After all, this is really all a routine is. It is a collection of habits you “stack” because they fit in well with one phase of your day, whether it is a morning routine or a lunchtime routine.

Here are some things to know about habit stacking and how you can take advantage of it with your own routines and habits.

Using Cues for Your Habits

A big part of habit stacking is having cues for each of your habits. These are signs that tell you what habit is coming up next. For example, the cue for your morning habits is probably waking up or turning off the alarm. What do you do next and why do you do it? Are you using the bathroom because it is pure habit, or because you have an urgency to? This is your cue. It tells you what you need to do next, and is a core principle of habit stacking.

For example, you might start associating the sun going down as the end of your work day. It is when you turn off your computer, and mentally let work go until the next day. The rest of your evening habits are about your self-care, your home, and your family.

Habit Stacking: Like a Staircase

Think of habit stacking like a staircase, with the simplest habit being at the bottom of the staircase (requiring the least amount of effort), and the biggest or most complicated habit being at the top of the staircase (requiring the most amount of effort). All the steps in between are made up of habits that take you from the easiest habit to the most time consuming or complex habit. They are all important to you, but in this way, they lead from one to the other in an order that makes sense for your routine.

When to Stack Habits

Stacking habits can be done during your daily routines. Think of any routine you have, like your morning routine. It is simply a stack of habits that all go together. If you have a routine about improving your physical health, like making a healthy breakfast, doing yoga, and drinking water, it doesn’t make sense to read a book in the middle of that. It doesn’t go with this flow. Stack habits that complement each other, and your routines create themselves.

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What is Habit Stacking?


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