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Do You Have Quarantine Fatigue?

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Quarantine fatigue is not just feeling tired and out of energy from isolation, though that is definitely a catalyst for it. This type of fatigue is more about being mentally exhausted from quarantine in general. You tend to stop washing your hands as much, don’t worry about wearing a mask unless it is mandatory, and don’t take all the careful steps to protect yourself and others that you did in the beginning.

If this sounds like you, here are some things you can do to remedy it.

Understand That it is Completely Normal

Quarantine fatigue is completely normal, and something most people in isolation are experiencing. This is the result of the length of time you have had to adjust to a different routine, especially if it is much different than what your life looked like before.

You are definitely not alone or the only person who has been getting sick of quarantine and socially distancing. But the more strict you can be now, the sooner this will all be over and things can get back to normal.

Adapt to Your Current Lifestyle

One way to battle quarantine fatigue is to try to find small moments of joy while at home. Since there isn’t much you can do about being at home, why not take advantage? Maybe there is a puzzle or board game you never have time for, or you want to try making sourdough. It could also be a good time to get work done at home, like organizing your closets, cleaning out your basement, or finally starting to work on that blog.

Reduce Stress

Stop watching the news! Knowing the numbers isn’t going to help, and there is nothing you can do aside from being safe and careful. Work on reducing stress in any way you can. It’s normal to be mentally exhausted as much as you are just sick of being stuck at home without your friends and family, but try to find ways to cope with your stress.

Get outside to go for a solo walk. Get on a Zoom call with your friends for happy hour. These little moments can make all the difference in how you feel.

Last Thoughts…

Remember this quarantine is not a punishment. This is for the health and safety of you and your family members. But it is also for everyone else in your community as well.

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Do You Have Quarantine Fatigue?

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