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Take Advantage of your Peak Performance Hours

It’s Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I hope you are enjoying this series on Ways to Generate More Energy…

Morning person or night owl?

Most of us have a time of day when we are at our best. While the night owls sleep in, the early birds are out there getting the worm. Then, later in the day when the early birds are nodding off to sleep in front of the television, the night owls are kicking it into gear and becoming the most creative.

Tuning into your peak performance hours can be a game-changer for maximizing your energy. Working with your natural tendencies helps you use your prime energy time to be the most productive.

peak performance

Here are some simple and powerful Dos and Don’ts to take advantage of your peak performance hours:

  • DO Work with your natural tendencies when creating your schedule
  • DO Guard your peak performance times against time zappers
  • DO Save important work for your peak performance hours
  • DON’T Fall victim to social expectations
  • DON’T Forget there are benefits to your unique peak performance
  • DON’T Worry about the other guy

DO- Think about your peak performance hours when creating your schedule. When you know what time of day you’re at your best, you can define your schedule to best reflect your strengths. Take on important tasks when you have the most energy and drive and save lesser important tasks for when you aren’t 100%.

DO- Protect your peak time from distractions. It’s important to insulate your time and energy for when you are the most effective. Reduce distractions and save your focused hours for the time of day you’re the most productive. Don’t allow other people to commandeer your time during your peak performance hours.

DO- Save your work for your peak performance time. If you miss your window of peak performance, don’t try to force it. If you can, save your work and come back to it when you are refreshed. Negotiate deadlines or make changes in your schedule to safeguard your peak performance time to get the most done.

peak performance

DON’T- Conform to social norms that don’t fit. Life extends beyond 9-5. If you aren’t the most productive during normal hours, consider a career or work schedule where your peak performance time is an asset.  Some people work better during graveyard shifts, while others thrive working from 4:00 am until 12:00 pm. There are professions and opportunities to do your best work at the best time for you. Don’t be confined by the status quo.

DON’T- Forget that your peak performance traits are an asset. Whether you are at your best at 1:00 am or 2:00 in the afternoon, there are benefits. Your unique brand of energy comes at a unique time of day and that’s an asset. There are people who wish they had the energy you do- when you do. Use your energy to an advantage and be smart about the actions you take.

DON’T- Worry about what other people are doing. If you need to sleep in the morning to compensate for staying up late, don’t judge someone who springs from bed before sunrise. Don’t worry about the other guy, keep in your lane and do what keeps you the most productive during your peak performance hours.


peak performance

Knowing when you’re the most productive isn’t hard. You know when you are naturally energized, focused, and ready to take on the world. Engage your peak performance time and make the most of your energy.

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Take Advantage of your Peak Performance Hours


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