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Your Diet Could be Draining Your Energy

It’s Day 11 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This post looks at how your diet can affect your energy.

Our bodies run on fuel. What we choose as fuel directly affects how efficiently and energized our bodies run. When people are feeling low on energy, the first thing to look at is what they are or aren’t eating. If you aren’t choosing the right foods, it’s likely your body is responding with lower levels of energy and conking out throughout the day.

If you aren’t eating whole foods in the right quantity or variety, it could be draining your energy. Just because something is edible doesn’t mean it’s ideal. We can eat foods that taste great, but they may rob our energy as fast as it takes to eat them. Foods high in salt, fat, and sugar actually drain our energy and make it harder to get through the day.

Eat the rainbow for proper nutrition and energy

Our bodies thrive on fruits and veggies. Nature has given us a variety of healthy foods in every color of the rainbow. Each color represents a special dietary benefit that helps reduce inflammation, stave off disease and infections, and boost our immunities. Eating a range of fruits and veggies can help generate the energy needed for a busy and active life.

Try incorporating a colorful variety into your daily diet. Add berries and bananas to your morning breakfast. Include apples and carrots with your lunchtime meal and steam leafy greens and add juicy tomatoes to your dinner plate. Each color helps your body in unique and important ways.

Pack on the protein for tons of energy

Our bodies use protein like a car uses gas. The better the protein the higher the energy. Choosing high-quality protein for your diet can help you sustain energy all day. When you add protein to each meal…and snack, your body feels satisfied and energized all day. That helps avoid the midday slump when people feel tired and usually reach for candy and coffee.

Add nuts to your morning yogurt for a power-packed punch of protein. Nitrate-free meats are an excellent way to boost your protein at lunchtime without leaving you tired and groggy. Add some peanut butter or other nut butter to your apple slices for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Complete your day with a veggie salad with grilled chicken. Be sure to grab simple protein like a boiled egg to eat after your workout to rebuild your energy.  


Your body needs fuel to run. Choosing the best fuel possible makes sense. If you find you run out of energy shortly after eating, you could be choosing the wrong foods. Assess your diet and make sure you’re incorporating a rainbow of fruits and veggies and energy-producing protein for the best results.

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Your Diet Could be Draining Your Energy


  • Brianne

    This is such important information. Diets are more than just calories in and calories out. You have to take in the RIGHT calories, or you’ll just be run down constantly.

  • Kuntala

    This is SO important for everyone who is trying to lose weight to remember. You can’t just slash calories. you have to make sure you’re eating the right things. If you don’t, your energy levels will tank.

  • Elizabeth O

    It’s so important to remember that food is fuel. You have to give your body the best fuel possible for it to work well, especially if you’re cutting calories.

  • Nilakshi

    I believe in having a balanced diet. But well, taste and nutrition doesn’t go hand in hand! I do get off track bcoz of it but yeah, it is a healthy diet most of the time.

  • Cam

    This is such a good reminder that food is fuel, and eating the most nutrient dense foods is so important. Diet culture has genuinely made us believe calories are the enemy, when they’re essential to survive as well as eating nutritionally, thank you.

  • Blair villanueva

    Your post is very helpful and a good reminder that about our diet and overall health. Not all diet works to every person.

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