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Meals that Energize your Body All Day Long

Hi all! It’s Day 12 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Here is more about how your diet can impact your energy.

If you’re gonna eat, noshing on the best meals available makes sense, right?

Generating energy is as easy as heading to the fridge. Choosing superfoods that energize your body is a great way to start the day off right and keep yourself revved up all day long.

Whole foods have wonderful benefits that aid in creating and sustaining energy. Combining foods can take things to a whole new level. With minimal effort you can put together meals that you can enjoy at home or grab-n-go so you’re ready whenever hunger strikes.

Superfoods perfect for morning meals

While some people adhere to fasting and don’t eat until midday, other people can’t wait to get their hands on a hearty and healthy breakfast. Here are some super foods that breakfast lovers don’t want to miss.

Smoothies- The wonderful thing about smoothies is their unlimited potential. Adding organic vitamins, minerals, and protein is easy. Simply throw in an assortment of leafy green veggies like kale, fruits like oranges, apples, and kiwi, add nut butter or protein powder and you’re set. This is an excellent place to add supplements if you need extra support in your diet.  

Oats- Oats are a whole food that supply a ton of energy in one serving. Add chopped nuts, ground flax, and dried fruit for texture and added nutrients.

Midday meals that peak your performance

What you eat midday will determine how well you sustain your energy until dinner. Be sure to eat foods that sustain energy and help you avoid low blood sugar slumps. This is easy when you combine great-tasting fresh fruits and veggies with healthy proteins.

Salads- Like smoothies, salads are an excellent way to eat a variety of healthy fruits and veggies and allows for a ton of variety. Try a Southwest salad with greens, grilled corn, jalapeños, and grilled chicken. Shake things up by enjoying a shrimp Louis salad with greens, boiled egg, spring onions, and homemade dressing.

Sandwiches- Nothing beats a great sandwich. You can layer tons of veggies along with calcium-rich cheeses and nitrate free meats. Get creative with your combos to keep things interesting.

Dinners that satisfy

Dinner time is a great time to wrap things up and help your body prepare for a new day. Choose foods that are filled with healthy protein and add some personality with your spices and side dishes.

One pot meals- These meals make it easy to cook, serve, and clean one pot. It’s easy to combine meat, veggies, and fun sauces along with rice, potatoes, or noodles. One pot meals tend to feed plenty of people and make eating healthy easy and fun, plus there are usually left overs for another day.

Smorgasbord meals- After a few days of healthy eating you may have acquired an array of healthy foods left over from previous meals. Make things easy by creating a buffet-style meal for your entire family. A little of this and a little of that can make eating dinner fun and requires very little effort.

It might be easy to hit the drive-thru on your way to and from work and grab a meal through a window, but that isn’t going to help you keep your body energized. Create meals from whole foods that generate and sustain your energy all day and you’ll be amazed by how you feel. 

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Meals that Energize your Body All Day Long


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