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Five Exercises to Swap for Ultimate Health

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Unfortunately, it is reported that nearly sixty percent of adults in American don’t participate in the recommended amount of daily physical activity. Even worse, twenty percent are said to be completely inactive or sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many complications over time and can decrease your life expectancy by nearly a decade.

Your activity level is a vital component of your daily routine. However, it is often a task that is easier said than done—especially considering that not all movement is healthy. Many common exercises that are performed worldwide can actually harm your body and be quite boring to perform.

Here are five exercises to swap for ultimate health and more enjoyment in physical activity:

Swap Running for Brisk Walking

You don’t have to run to get in the benefits of running. In fact, running is not that great for your joints. You can get the same aerobic benefits by switching out running for brisk walking. Walking requires that you keep a foot on the ground at all times and use your arms to propel you forward as fast as you can go.

Swap Sit Up, or Crunches for Planks

Sit-ups and crunches are thought to be the time-tested core exercise, but did you know you can get just as much from doing planks instead. When you do a plank, you only need to hold the position for a short time. This allows you to get the benefit, thus enabling you to do this exercise almost anytime you want.

Swap Bench Dips for Close-Grip Push-Ups

If you want to target your chest and core, a close grip pushup that requires no machinery is a great choice. To do this exercise properly, master the basic pushup. Then, instead of the normal position, put your hands only a couple of inches apart and do the same motion.

Swap Leg Extension Machines for Lunges

You can do lunges while shopping or gardening, so again, no machine is needed. Lunges, when performed properly, mean keeping your core tight, buttocks pulled in, and spine straight while bending to the point your knee bends but not over your toe.

Swap Cardio for Swimming

Swimming is a great alternative to cardio because it is healthier on your joints. It sldo gives you an overall body workout without the stress that aerobic exercise on land would do. In addition, swimming is one of the easiest exercises that burns calories, builds muscles, and increases endurance.

In the end, incorporating the right movement and exercises for your body is important to living a healthy life. Don’t cause more problems because of not listening to your body. If you don’t know which exercise is right for you, seek the advice of a medical professional. While these alternatives are safer than most, they are not automatically safe for you and your needs. Always seek approval from your doctor before you get started with any new exercise or eating program. This is particularly important especially if you have health issues already.

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Five Exercises to Swap for Ultimate Health

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