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Day 18: Thankful for Technology and its Power for Good

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Originally published November 18, 2019. Updated on November 18, 2022.

Today for Day 18 of the 30 Thankful Days Challenge. we’ll be giving thanks for the technology that gives us amazing computers and smartphones that enhance our lives in so many ways.


Sometimes computers can be frustrating – they seem to take forever to do what we want them to do, as well as demand our constant attention.

Even despite these occasional hiccups, the rate at which we can perform everyday tasks… shop for what we need online… communicate with friends and family… pay our bills… set up new accounts… is truly amazing!

Thanks to computers and the internet, we are able to automate so many aspects of life that once took hours which stretched into weeks which lingered on for months… and are now completed in an instant. Giving and receiving payments is a huge one! Who doesn’t like to be paid immediately?

Thanks to computers and the internet, we have the ability to connect with like minds the wide world over.

Thanks to computers and the internet, we can perform certain jobs from the comfort of home so that we may be present for our families.

Take a look at the food you eat. How many computers do you think were involved to bring your favorite items from farm to shelf to table?

We use computers to learn new things, share information, play games, shop, and so much more.

Day 18 JOURNAL EXERCISE: Using Technology for Good

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Make a list of the ways computers enhance your daily life.

If you have children and want to create an interesting around-the-dinner table discussion, pose the same question to them.

Jot down their answers. Discuss.

If you’re born before 1985, then there was a time in your life when no one had cell phones. Tell your kids what life was like for kids prior to the “information” era.

  • What did kids do for fun after school, before there were video and computer games?
  • What was available in the grocery store before food production was globalized?
  • How did people manage to plan and coordinate special events, holidays and celebrations before email and cell phones?

Now imagine how drastically our lives would change if we no longer had technology, computers, and the internet to rely on.

Assuming that computers aren’t going away… make a list of all the ways we can use them for good.

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Day 18: Thankful for Technology and its Power for Good

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