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Tips on How to do a Weekly Reset

A weekly reset is simply a routine you do once a week that helps you get ready for the week. It is most often done on Sunday before your work week starts, but if you work on different days, it would be done the day before your week begins.

Catch Up on Tasks You Fell Behind on

Before you do anything else, take some time finishing anything you didn’t get done, that you are able to do right now. That way, you aren’t getting even more behind when the new week begins. Try to do this on Saturday if you can, so that Sunday is freed up for the rest of your reset routine.

Get Your Home and Workspace Clean and Organized

The weekly reset is also a good time to do some cleaning and organizing, particularly with things that will help you when your work week starts. Waking up to a decluttered home, laundry not put away, and a messy kitchen is going to take away from your productivity as your week begins.

Go through your house to tidy up, do any cleaning and laundry that needs to be done, and take a little time getting areas organized that you feel would increase your wellness.

Meal Prep and Planning

Don’t stress about meals this week! Instead, plan ahead and get as many things prepped as you can. Plan your meals by figuring out what you want to cook and eat for each meal of the day throughout the week. It helps to start by looking at ingredients you already have, then going from there.

Get your groceries, then see what can be prepped ahead of time. This might mean rinsing and cutting fruits and vegetables or making hardboiled eggs. Perhaps you may marinate chicken or meat or put rice in the rice cooker. Some foods can be made ahead of time, while others just need to have their ingredients prepped.

Laundry and Preparing for the Week

Sunday is also the perfect day for laundry and other tasks that help you get prepared. Work on your laundry while you are getting your meals prepped and house cleaned and organized. Just make sure you finish your laundry and put everything away. To save even more time in the mornings, get your outfits ready to go. Put them toward the front of your closet so you can just grab them quickly.

Working in Your Planner

Finally, take a look at your schedule. Then write tasks and to-do lists in your planner, and make sure you are ready for any appointments coming up. This helps you plan your schedule. Do you need to complete any paperwork, adjust your schedule, or make room for certain tasks this week?

Give this a try this upcoming Sunday and see if it works for you. Let me know in the comments !

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Tips on How to do a Weekly Reset


  • Lori

    These are all great ideas – I’ve been cutting/washing fruit and veggies whenever the groceries come in to make food prep easier/quicker and less of a chore. It definitely works to make life more managable!

    • Dominique

      I want to do that but I end up getting already cut veggies. Once we get this pandemic under control and my daughter can go back to school — I might be able to get back to my regular life LOL

  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA

    Whoa! I prepare my meals each night. Based upon my day and my predilections. If I pre-prepared my meals, they would bore the crap out of me.
    And, my desk is a mess to an outsider -but to me, those stacks are the things I need to work on- a little bit at a time, or when a client finally delivers the missing link.
    My laundry is done Wednesday night- and generally finished by then, but sometimes, it lingers to Thursday- depending on my clients’ demands.
    And, I’m pretty darned productive!

    • Dominique

      IT sounds like you are. I have so many balls that needs to be dealt with that I have to start micromanaging my schedule. It’s unfortunate but there it is…

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