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Self-Care Activities For a Bad Day

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When you have a bad day, you might find that you want to grab a drink or eat something unhealthy. But these are not healthy habits to have. A better option is to work on your self-care activities, which can make you feel better and will be good for you at the same time.

Watch Something Funny

Don’t underestimate the power of laughing! If you are having a terrible day, find a way to watch TV or a movie that makes you laugh. Avoid action, drama, and other genres that might make you feel miserable by the end. Binge-watch your favorite comedy on Netflix or turn on the TV to try something new. Laughing is extremely healing and can quickly change your mood even after the very worst of days.

Spend More Time with Family

As mentioned briefly in the previous section, spending more time with your loved ones can be great for self-care. Many people think being alone is the only way to take care of themselves and relieve stress, but sometimes the best thing for you is being around others. Think about your daily lifestyle and what tends to stress you out. You might find that you feel worse when you are constantly alone, but your mood seems to lift when you spend time with your family or talk to friends. This is a good sign that what you really need is to communicate more with others.

Meditate For 10 Minutes

On a really bad day, try to have at least a short meditation session. Even if you can’t find a few minutes where you are alone, you can think of other places you might be alone and able to meditate, like when you are going on a walk or run, or while taking a shower.

A Note

Typically, I would suggest that you spend some time with friends — like at happy hour or out to eat. With the current situation in the world, we are having to learn to continue our connection with others in different ways. After a crap day at work, you may not want to hang out in a bar but you can spend time with your friends. Many people are having Zoom cocktail parties — where all of a group of friends call into a Zoom meeting and have a good time.

Self-care after a bad day is very important!

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