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Day 28: In Awe of Our Precious Planet

The planet where we exist is a miracle.

Do you feel blessed to be alive on this miraculous Eden that teems with life… Mother Earth?

It’s easy to forget how bizarre and wondrous our existence on this planet is.

Each day, we wake up and engage more or less the same routine as the prior day. We eat food, perform our jobs, rest, do more jobs, eat more, and go to sleep.

What other creatures on this planet could be doing similar things as us, and we aren’t even aware of it?

Maybe all of them, even down to the smallest units of energy.

No one can seem to confirm whether or not there is another life form out there that’s similar to human beings on earth.

People have strong opinions on the state of earth and what the future of our planet will be.

Some seem to think that we should limit the amount of natural resources that power our modern conveniences.

Other people believe that there’s no need to think this way.

Exercise 28: Become Informed About Our Planet and Its Resources

You can be grateful for our planet and its ability to sustain life. But why stop at gratitude when knowledge is real power.

If you’re going to think about our planet and what the future may hold for generations to come, then more research is needed before offering an opinion on hot button topics such as renewable energy.

Certain experts say to recycle plastic. But do you know what really happens to the plastic bottles and containers that you place in the big gray bucket that gets dumped into a truck that takes them away each week?

In 2017, recycling companies in China pay to have these recycled items shipped overseas. They melt down the plastic to make new plastic, and form new containers that hold the consumer products that we can’t seem to get enough of.

But what about the people in China who work and live near these facilities, who breathe in the chemical fumes from melting the plastic every day?

Is this really a good thing for our planet?

Some say that if we don’t conserve water, there won’t be enough for the world’s people.

And yet, scientists in Israel have found a way to remove the salt from sea water to make it potable and safe for consumption.

Journal It.

Make a list of all the ways that you have been told about our planet and its resources.

Do some online research and go deep into the details. Take notes.

Start basing your opinions around what you learn.

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Day 28: In Awe of Our Precious Planet


  • Eric Gamble

    I am in constant awe of our planet. I often tell people that I cant believe that God (I am catholic and the son of a deacon) would create such an amazing planet of such beauty but only want me to stay in one place and not see it all. So, that is why I travel and backpack and camp and explore as much as I can for what little time I have left. I agree that there are too many people not caring for our planet but with a little effort, we can all find a way to do our part so that we can preserve its beauty for much longer than we will ever enjoy

  • Kenneth

    Almost end of 2020 and would like to personally thank you, all the gratitude to you with all that you share in your blog where we learn a lot of good stuff and these are surely amazing photos, Bookmearked this as I await for Day 30 and 31 too… 🙂 Prosperous 2021 to you!

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