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New Habits for Your Nighttime Routine

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How much attention do you pay to your nighttime routine? Even if you think you don’t have a routine, you probably do. There might be certain things you do before going to bed, whether it is brushing your teeth or taking vitamins, and turning on the TV to watch late-night television.

Now is a great time to work on improving your nighttime routine and have the best sleep ever.

The Slow Wind-Down Stage

Start your night by winding down at least an hour before you actually intend to get into bed. This allows your body and mind to begin relaxing and associating the routine with bedtime. It makes a really big difference in how relaxed you are when you actually get into bed.

The wind down is very easy, and simply involves shutting things off and starting to prepare for bed. It might include turning off the television and lights in rooms you are not using, drawing a bath if you like to take a hot bath before bed, or turning down your covers before you sit at your desk to journal for a few minutes.

Take Care of Your Hygiene and Health

As part of your nighttime routine, have enough time for your personal care and personal hygiene tasks. Not only does this include habits you already have, like brushing and flossing your teeth at night, but paying attention to your skin and any other health habits you need. Do you take certain vitamins and medications at night? Are you trying to get better at your skincare routine? Do you want to incorporate a nightly yoga stretch?

Take Care of Your Mental Health

You may also want some habits at night related to your emotional or mental health, such as meditating or writing in a journal. Maybe you want to do a quiet creative activity or read a few chapters from a book. Remember your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and these relaxing activities will help a lot when it comes to having a good nights’ sleep. One excellent habit to get rid of for your mental health and better sleep is to turn off the TV and put your phone away when it’s time for bed.

Get Ready for the Next Day

Finally, before you get into bed, do what you need to to get ready for the next day. Put out your clothes for the morning, set your alarm, make sure your robe and slippers are within reach, and anything else that will improve your morning.

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New Habits for Your Nighttime Routine

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