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New Ways to Deal with Heightened Anxiety

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If you have heightened anxiety — from the state of the world, a particularly stressful phase of life, or because you have an anxiety disorder– these tips can help. This isn’t just about the typical advice you always hear, like finding something to distract you, doing breathing exercises, or writing in a journal. They are different strategies that can help a lot with how your body responds to stress and anxious situations.

Understand and Acknowledge What Anxiety is

Anxiety might not be as simple or complex as what you think. Anxiety at its core is simply the way your body responds to stress. It is a completely normal and natural response, though some people experience it more often and more severely than others.

Sometimes, it’s only your perceived stress or threat, which often happens with people who struggle with anxiety disorders. Your brain has a hard time processing an actual threat and what you have convinced yourself is something to be worried about.

Turn Off the Noise

The first tip we have for you to deal with anxiety is to turn off all the noise. Anything that is causing you to become more worried or stressed, even if you might not be aware of how much worse it is making your anxiety.

Try to spend less time watching the news, listening to podcasts that discuss serious or life-threatening issues, and even being on social media. The more noise that you constantly absorb, the more anxious you are going to feel. You might be surprised by what actually triggers your anxiety.

Stop Reading About Anxiety

This is one of the more surprising ways to deal with anxiety, but one that is definitely worth a try. Without realizing it, reading about anxiety, listening to podcasts about it, or hearing other people’s stories can actually trigger your own anxiety.

This information often includes the symptoms, details about what causes the fear, and how people deal with it. It might invoke more anxious thoughts.

Nutrition and Exercise Matter

Yes, what you eat and how you move your body can have an impact on your anxiety levels. This isn’t going to be a cure for your anxiety, but it can definitely help manage it.

In general, try to cut back on caffeine and alcohol/ These substances tend to exacerbate the anxious feelings you experience. Some people have even noticed that high amounts of sugar in their diet can trigger anxiety.

Exercise itself and moving your body helps in numerous ways. It can distract your mind, release happy-feeling endorphins, and give you something to do that releases stress and worry.

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New Ways to Deal with Heightened Anxiety

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