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Are the People in your Life Draining your Energy?

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It’s Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today we look at Energy Draining People. We all know a few of those, right?

Our life is centered around relationships. From our family to our community, to the world at large, we can’t avoid being in relationships. Even introverts and shy personality types are in relationships and must engage with people every day. Who we spend time with directly affects our energy. It’s important to consider if the people in your life are draining yours.

People carry their energy with them

draining your energy

People give off a vibe. There’s a saying that young children and dogs can tell if someone is worth knowing. People have ways about them that make them easier or harder to be around.  Their energy can directly affect the energy and the people in the room.

A stranger in a room can create a presence that can change the entire atmosphere. Additionally, there may be people in your life who always seem to shift your mood when you come into contact. Without intentionally trying to defend yourself, it can change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors just by being around them.

There’s more than one way to drain someone’s energy

draining your energy

There are plenty of ways for someone to drain your energy. Some are negative and some are neutral, but they all result in the same outcome- feeling worn out and tired after engaging.

Negativity is draining- Someone looking at the dim side of life, will drain your energy. People who are negative can make you feel defeated and tired in a short amount of time.

Problem solving is draining- Some people have a tough time solving their own problems and look to others for support and guidance. People who are always in crisis mode can wear you out and drain the energy you need to solve your own problems.

Talking too much is draining- Introverts and people who need time to recharge are drained by small talk. Though talking in and of itself isn’t a negative thing, for some it drains their energy and makes it harder to accomplish their daily tasks. 

It’s important to remove yourself from draining people

Under a lot of circumstances, you can avoid people who have a creepy vibe or otherwise give off negative energy. If you encounter someone in a bad mood you can politely disengage and shake off the experience. If someone’s low energy is draining yours, you can exit their presence and reclaim your enthusiasm before their energy invades yours. Sometimes, you simply must disengage from people in order to keep your stamina, and it’s ok to tap out.


It might be impossible to disengage from people entirely, but you can limit the type and amount of draining people and experiences in your life. Identifying the types of people who tend to drain your energy helps. Limiting your exposure to them will go a long way to helping you generate and keep your energy levels higher. 

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Are the People in your Life Draining your Energy?


  • Cheryl

    I definitely need to be aware of my energy level and after having a stroke, I try to limit or avoid people who drain my energy. I really like your suggestions.

    • Dominique

      I really understand. I had a kidney transplant 3.5 years ago so I understand about having to monitor your energy levels. Sometimes, some people just make you feel worse and we don’t always have the bandwidth for that!

  • Eydie

    I do my best to keep those energy draining people out of my life. However, it’s a life-long challenge because you rid yourself of one then another one comes to take his place. LOL

  • Angie Vallejo

    This is so true — I’m living it right now with a family member. While it was impossible to disengage from that person, circumstances have now made it possible to do so. Looking forward to more positivity, energy and life!

  • Kathleen Garcia

    I love your posts! I have a sense of what you’ve been through with your kidney transplant since I worked as a Nephrology Nurse for more than 20 years. And, you are so right that we all have met a few energy-draining people along the way. In my case, some of them have been family; some I call toxic. Those are more challenging to navigate around, but we must!

  • Martha

    I know exactly how it is when people drain others. I had to part ways with a few friends because they were so negative about everything. I tried to help them with positive points but didn’t work. Being a positive person I couldn’t let them bring me down.

  • chef William

    I know a few of those type people and I am one of those that love silence. I need time alone but sometimes it does not happen. On those days you will find me taking longer naps than I need just to escape what I can not otherwise escape. I am lucky that my wife understands that and will help me find a quiet place when there are just too many people and to much going on around me to be comfortable. Nice article, thanks

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