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The Disneyland Effect- Why Goals Create Excitement and Energy

There are a lot of reasons people lose energy. Eating poorly, failing to get quality sleep, hanging out with draining people- even being bored with life can zap your energy. There’s plenty that can be done to invigorate and generate more energy for a tired body. Eat better, get plenty of rest and fresh air, but what about rejuvenating a tired mind?

Being bored with life and reviving a tired mind takes more than eating healthy food and hiking in the fresh air. Your mind needs extra stimulus to get excited and generate energy. One of the key concepts for reviving a tired mind is the Disneyland effect.

What Is the Disneyland Effect?

Most people love Disneyland. The excitement generated in the mind’s eye starts long before you set foot on Disney property. As a matter of fact, the energy develops the moment you commit to a trip to one of the magical kingdoms. That’s the Disneyland effect! The utter thrill that develops in anticipation of visiting the theme park.

The Disneyland effect revs the mind’s energy by planning, imagining, and becoming excited about things yet to come. Knowing that something fun and exciting is on the way generates enthusiasm and energy that tired minds need to feel revived and buzzing. Ramping up for the trip, the mind imagines the fun that’s coming. The mind plans details and develops expectations as the trip gets closer. The night before the mind can hardly shut off and rest because it is so excited about the big day.

Energizing Effect of Having Goals

Our minds love to have goals and make plans. Having something to look forward to with great anticipation creates energy. Setting goals or planning for an event might be just the thing your mind needs to feel revived and refreshed. In the same way your mind gets happy imagining the sights, smells, and tastes of Disney, it can get equally excited about other goals and experiences.

What have you planned lately that wakes up your mind? What goals have you set that your mind can get enthusiastic about and start making plans? If you’re bored with life, setting a goal and ramping up for it will generate some great energy.  You don’t have to go all the way to Disneyland to feel the same level of excitement. Find something that thrills you and set the goal to be, do, or have it so your mind can start to imagine the fun and thrill of it all. Let your mind wander and energize your thoughts as you work towards the goal.

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The Disneyland Effect- Why Goals Create Excitement and Energy


  • Martha

    I love setting goals and or challenges. Would you believe we have never been to Disney World or Land and have no desire to go. My goal is to sneak away to the mountains every few months. Hubby, granddaugher and great granddaughter love to visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and hike or just view the scenery and waterfalls. it’s a perfect few day trip to get rejuvanated and come home relaxed and with more energy.

    • Dominique

      My husband is not a fan of Disney World. We never took our kids — my parents did. We are looking to foster some kids so we might have to go back on that with the next group. LOL Thanks for reading!

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