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Occupational Wellness: Fulfillment in Our Work Lives

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Occupational wellness is a dimension that weaves together a few different aspects of wellness. Where and how we work will affect our financial standing, our social lives, and other regions such as intellectual, emotional, and environmental wellness. What sets it apart, however, are the areas of work relationships, balance, and achievement.

Occupational Wellness Means Balance at Work

Work relationships exist between you and your employer/employees and coworkers. It is important to have an open line of communication, to have respect, and to feel appreciated. When faced with a challenge, addressing it in a timely manner and with integrity will serve everyone’s best interest at work. Getting support when needed by making the most of workplace resources, such as the HR or legal departments (if you are at a larger company) is helpful too. Complaining or gossiping is not a healthy part of professional workplace conduct and is not likely to be very productive — do your best to stay away. Instead, address your needs and help others in proactive ways.

Assess Your Time Spent at Home and at Work

Maintaining a balance between your occupation and other parts of your life that are important to you is good to take a look at as well.

You may see this as an overall assessment of ideal time spent in each space (eg: at work, at home, with family, exercising, etc) compared with actual time spent in each space. For example, if you are a salaried employee who is expected to fulfill job requirements in an open time frame or within a minimum of forty hours a week-but you find that you are logging sixty-five hours a week- it’s time to enlist tools that will help to enhance your focus and efficiency.

Check for Burnout

Recent studies on workplace efficiency show that burn-out is a huge issue for workers and employers. Amping up your productivity may seem like quite a challenge; however, research shows that actually, doing less is more! The perfect formula for optimal focus and productivity is a method of working in sprints- where you fully dedicate your attention to one specific task, followed by breaks- where you relax without looking at emails or your phone at all.

Manage Your Time

Set a timer… the Pomodoro Technique recommends 25 minutes of focused work, split up by 5-minute breaks; while other methods suggest a longer ‘sprint’ of 52-minutes of focused work, separated by longer breaks of about 17-minutes. Breaks enhanced by movement like workplace yoga stretches or breathing techniques can be even more nourishing.


Working in a career that fits your values, gives you personal satisfaction, and appropriate compensation and time off to balance other priorities is key to occupational wellness. Finding a stimulating job that requires the use of your talents, gifts, and knowledge, where you gain a sense of accomplishment and pride is key. Taking time to kick back, relax and celebrate each achievement, no matter how small, will make it all the more enjoyable and satisfying too!


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Occupational Wellness: Fulfillment in Our Work Lives


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