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How to Create a Meditation Practice this Fall

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Meditation is a healing practice that does so much more for you than just helping you to
clear your mind. It can make you more mindful and grateful for the good things in your
life, reduce stress, and help with your focus. Fall is a great time to adopt a meditation

Know Why You Want to Meditate

Before any meditation practice, it is always a good idea to set your intentions.
Understand your own motivations and what is inspiring you to go on this journey.
Meditating because someone else said you should or you were recommended to do it
isn’t enough to keep this ritual going. You really need to understand its benefits and
your own personal reasons for adopting the practice.

Setting Intentions and Measuring Progress

meditation practice

Meditation can also help you with setting your intentions, finding your life goals, and
understanding where your focus should be. Before you start meditating, think about
your intentions right now. What are you hoping to achieve? What mindset shifts do you
want to get? What are you struggling with? Journaling before meditating is a great way
to really enhance the experience.

Create a Relaxing Meditation Space

meditation practice

Before you can meditate properly, you need to be in a good position to do so. This
means creating a space in your home that is calming, comforting, and quiet. It doesn’t
need to be an entire room for meditating, but a small space that can be private when
you need it to be. Many people choose an area of their bedroom where they can sit and
be in a calm environment. However, if you don’t get much privacy in your bedroom, a
home office is another great option.

Consider Combining Mindfulness with Meditation

Many people find that traditional meditation doesn’t work as effectively as combining it
with mindfulness. When you are mindful, you aren’t trying to clear your mind, but
instead, just acknowledge and accept the current moment. You consider how you think
or feel in that moment, and let it pass by you without judgment or criticism.

Include Meditation in Your Regular Routine

meditation practice

Doing meditation once or twice isn’t going to be very helpful in the long run. It is best to
start your meditation practice now and continue with it on a regular basis. Commit to
just a few minutes each session so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it. You can then
increase the amount of time as you get more comfortable with it.

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How to Create a Meditation Practice this Fall

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