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Keep Your Eyes on the Windshield Rather than the Rearview Mirror

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One of the main reasons people fear a fresh start is the thought of what they may lose. We are comfortable in the known and a fresh start can mean walking into the unknown. That can be scary and prevent us from taking the bold leap forward into a fresh start.

If you drive, you use the windshield of your car to look ahead towards where you’re going. The windshield is large and helps you see ahead and the peripheral areas surrounding the car. Your car is also equipped with a rearview mirror that helps you see what’s behind. The rearview mirror is much, much smaller than the large windshield. That’s because what lies ahead is much more important than what’s behind you.

A Fresh Start Requires Looking Ahead

Coming to the conclusion to make a fresh start may take courage, or it may be the easiest decision ever. Regardless, once made it requires looking ahead rather than behind.  A fresh start may require

  • Cutting ties
  • Stopping habits
  • Changing mindsets

That means it’s entirely possible you may have to say goodbye to people, places, thoughts, and behaviors in order to start over. That’s ok!

There’s No Room for Regret

If you are longing for a fresh start, chances are you realize change is going to be an important and healthy thing. Don’t spend time regretting your decisions. Instead, focus on the healthy benefits of a fresh start where anything is possible. It’s perfectly normal to mourn some of the loss or changes while simultaneously being excited about the new opportunities ahead.

Find peace with your decision and focus on the windshield rather than the rearview mirror. Here are some tips that can help-

Journal your way into a fresh start- Chronical your decisions to make a fresh start. Remind yourself why you want to make changes. Be honest with yourself about doubts, fears, and anxieties while also celebrating your enthusiasm for all the new possibilities.

Get closure when you can- Don’t avoid difficult conversations on your way to a fresh start. Get closure where you can. Say goodbye to people, tie up loose ends, or make a clean break before moving on.

Commemorate the fresh start- It’s easier to be excited about a fresh start by making it a big deal. Commemorate your decision and celebrate your changes in a meaningful way. Choose an activity, symbolic memento, or special way to launch your new start and give it the attention it deserves. 


Just as you do driving your car, keep looking ahead when you make a fresh start. Keep focused on what’s in front of you and worry less about what lies behind. 

Loving Life — The Reboot!


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Keep Your Eyes on the Windshield Rather than the Rearview Mirror

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