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When you Eat Matters as Much as What you Eat

Day 19 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is a good idea to think about meal times as well as what you eat.

If there’s anything we’ve learned so far, it’s that what we eat matters when it comes to generating energy. Now that you’ve learned how important high-quality foods are, let’s add another layer of education. Did you know, when you eat matters as much as what you eat?

When you eat impacts the energy level that food creates. Timing for eating is an important part of creating energy so you don’t conk out when you need to stay energized. Let’s take a look at the best way to plan when you eat to maximize your energy.

To fast or not to fast, that is the question

Fasting is on trend. Some studies indicate that fasting for up to thirteen hours can help people lose weight or maintain a healthier weight. Some people have no problem skipping breakfast or cutting out dinner, while others need food first thing or last thing in order to make it through. Depending on your needs and how your body reacts to long periods without food, fasting might be right for you.

Consider when you need energy the most

If you tend to exert a lot of energy before noon, you may prefer to eat in the morning to ensure you have plenty of energy. If you tend to be tired from long days or work out in the afternoon, you may rely on an evening meal to help restore your energy level before bedtime. Your schedule should help determine what time of day is best for you to eat.

Consider the digestion process

Foods digest at different rates. Some digest and give off short bursts of energy quickly. Foods like rice, pasta, and sugared foods generate energy quickly, but it doesn’t last long. Other foods like oatmeal and eggs release energy slowly and for longer periods of time. It can be helpful to choose foods that generate energy quickly or sustain energy longer depending on what activity you are participating in.

Did you know? Did you know that some foods can zap energy? Even though you’ve just eaten, what you ate might actually make you sleepy, sluggish, and drain your energy. Be sure to avoid the foods that can cause sleepiness. High salt, fat, and sugar tend to steal your energy. Heavy meals or large portions can also cause lethargy and the desire to rest rather than rev up.


People often think about what they eat as it relates to energy, but it’s also important to think about when to eat it. Choosing the right time to eat high-quality foods is important to generate and maintain the energy levels you need to bust through your busy day.

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When you Eat Matters as Much as What you Eat


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