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Mindset Shifts to a Healthier You

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Your mindset can have a major impact on your health if you don’t commit to being more mindful. In order to live a healthier life, you need a positive, patient, and forgiving attitude. Otherwise, you may sacrifice your health and life expectancy. You can adopt the right mindset for long-term success and fitness with the right tips, tools, and resources at your fingertips.

Here are four mindset shifts you need to make to live a longer and healthier life:

Stop Saying “Never” or “I can’t.”

Filtering every action through these words only creates stress. The stress is what makes it seem like you can’t perform the action, but the truth is, you likely can. Instead, change your words to believe in yourself more. Just because you might not have the best strength now or comparable to the top performer in whatever activity you are trying to perform doesn’t mean you are not somewhat capable.

Ignore the Finish Line

A healthy lifestyle and diet don’t have a finish line. It is not a race, nor should it be. Research shows that steady weight loss and changing habits long-term increases your chance of being healthy over time. Expecting perfection overnight will only cause you dissatisfaction in the long run. Furthermore, only focusing your time on a potential future or dream prevents you from taking necessary action. Instead of spending all your time imagining what it would be like to “finally be healthy or thin,” start the work today on making it a reality.

Let Go of What You Can’t Control

You can’t control everything, and that is ok. However, you can control yourself and how you respond to a certain situation or others. Dwelling on situations that are completely out of your control only causes more stress and poor choices.

Recognize Your Triggers and Resistance

Instead of ignoring your temptations, discover what prevents you from achieving a healthier lifestyle. Instead of looking at yourself as a failure, dig in deep to find out why you keep missing exercising or overconsuming calories. Often these issues are a culprit of something deeper that needs to be healed. Again, talking to yourself with a positive and understanding tone can help you find the true meaning of your actions while finding your solutions.

Often times changing your perspective is all you need to easily make the right decisions to live a healthier and happier life. Instead of looking at your healthy diet from a negative lens, for example, find the positives. Focusing on the negativity will only keep you down and make it harder to give into your temptations. However, finding the positives and only concentrating on what you can control, such as your food triggers, is the key to adopting the right mindset to a healthier life.

Loving Life — The Reboot!


This article provides general information and discussion about health and related subjects. The information and other content provided in this article, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult your own physician for any medical issues that you may be having.

Mindset Shifts to a Healthier You


  • Tamara

    I like to “trick” myself into trying. Instead of stressing over (not) being able to run, let’s say a mile, I go

    “Can you run 100 yards?” SURE 🙂
    “Can you run another 100 yards?” ABSOLUTELY. ”
    Let’s see if you have another 100 yards in you”. OK

    In other words: Baby Steps!

  • Samantha T

    Man was this article timed well for me, lol. I am always trying to control things (even those I can’t, like other people) and drive myself and others nuts. I am trying to learn to let things go more and more. So what if it doens’t get done exactly the way I would, or the time frame I would. In the grand scheme of things, is it that big of a deal? Working on it slowly. What is that saying, progress not perfection, right? Thanks for sharing.

  • Melynda

    Nice! I think we have become stuck in our ways. If we can’t “win” we don’t try. But trying is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

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