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Five Common Healthy Drink Swaps to Make

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Did you know that a typical twenty-ounce soda contains roughly seventeen teaspoons of sugar? This means, just consuming one soda every day could lead to a weight gain of nearly fifteen pounds every year.

Researchers believe that the high consumption of sugary drinks is a direct result of the current overweight and obesity epidemic in America and around the world. This information should motivate you to be more mindful of what drinks you consume and find healthier alternatives to save you more calories and excess weight.

The following are five common healthy drink swaps to make this year:


If you don’t like black coffee, consider swapping tea for your coffee. This will only work if you don’t add a bunch of fat and sugar to the tea. Tea is lower in caffeine but can offer a little kick of energy that is less volatile than coffee. Try using different types of tea for various benefits like chamomile to calm you or mint to energize you.

Homemade Non-dairy Creamer

Instead of store-bought or conventional coffee creamers, you can make your own creamer using any type of nut you desire. Even making soy-based creamer is not as hard as you might believe. Check out this soymilk machine for making your own soy coffee creamer.

Seltzer or Soda Water

Instead of sugary soda drinks, you can infuse your own water with flavor and also make it sparkly. There are no studies to indicate that sparkling water is more or less hydrating than your regular tap water, so if this helps you drink more, you should make your own soda water.

Infused Water

Fruit juice is very high in sugar since it’s just concentrated fruit, but you can enjoy the flavors of fruit in a healthy way by making infused water. To make infused water, you can simply add whole and sliced or crushed fruit to a pitcher of ice water and let it sit overnight. You can also use a special infusion pitcher .


Instead of alcohol or soda, enjoying store-bought kombucha is a great alternative, but beware that it is still a sugary drink and should be enjoyed in moderation. Making your own kombucha is also a great activity to do with your family.

Mushroom Coffee

This may seem strange, but mushroom water or mushroom coffee is very good for you and offers an alternative to coffee or tea to help you avoid having caffeine but also, if you tend to get heart burn this may help you regulate your digestion.

Drinks can be misconceiving as they are often small in size but are highly concentrated in sugar and calories. Don’t drink your calories any longer. Start trying these alternatives to reduce your chances of becoming part of the obesity epidemic. As demonstrated, many drinks are loaded with added sugars and fats that can quickly increase your calories and weight without realizing it.

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Five Common Healthy Drink Swaps to Make


  • Tamara

    I can get the first iteams on your list… but what on earth is mushroom coffee??? I had to click on the link you provided. So it’s *real coffee* with added mushroom, and it’s supposed to be magic. Have you tried it???

    • Dominique

      I have not. I don’t like either mushrooms or coffee. LOL But I hear good things from other people.

      I am also very cautious about trying new things since I had the kidney transplant…

  • Martha

    I’ve never been a coffee drinker but love both hot or ice tea. My favorite is a delicious cup of orange spice tea. When I quit sweet tea back in 2018 I started added fresh frozen berries to my water, what a great hint of flavor!

  • Alice Gerard

    I like tea and seltzer water. I admit that I do add honey to my tea, but it doesn’t have anywhere near as many calories or carbs as the high fructose corn syrup that’s added to soft drinks.

  • vidya

    I myself (and even our family as a whole) do not consume fruit juice or sodas too often, and yes, prefer tea over coffee .. Over the past few years, we have switched to oatmilk for our tea and no sugar for the tea as well .. my vice – a big sweet tooth.. 🙂

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