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Four Alternatives to A Healthier Morning Routine

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Your morning routine can either harm you or set you up for living a long healthy life. Even if it seems healthy, there are many things you could be doing that actually are sabotaging your health and decision-making skills needed to make healthier choices.

Here are four alternatives to a morning routine that leads to a healthier and longer life:

Avoid Snooze and Wake Up with Free Time

Try to set your alarm to a time where you get in plenty of sleep but can get up with enough time to prepare for your day. Constantly hitting snooze and rushing to get your day started can lead to a negative, overwhelming, and exhausting morning and you rush to beat the clock every day. Instead, save that snooze time and add in more to get ready at a nice pace that allows you to take in the day as stress-free as possible. Your brain needs a moment to be aware of the new day, even if it just got a full night’s rest.

Ditch The Daily Social Media Scroll and Enjoy Your Coffee Outside or Near a Window

Vitamin D created through absorbing sunlight is an essential vitamin for optimal bone and brain health. Lack of vitamin D can lead to poor concentration and fatigue, making you feel ill. Simply starting your morning with natural sunlight instead of light from your screen can make all the difference. In fact, the best way for your body to create and make Vitamin D is by sunlight hitting your skin.

Stop Skipping Breakfast and Focus on Hydration

Skipping breakfast or your first meal of the day can cause poor concentration and energy needed to complete your day. Not only that, skipping water before you eat or get started can disrupt your digestion. So instead, start each day with a small glass of water and oatmeal to stay energized and satiated until lunchtime.

Swap the Morning News for an Inspiring Podcast

While it is important to stay updated with what is going on locally and around the world, that doesn’t mean it should be the first thing you do each morning. You can’t expect morning news to be uplifting, and starting your day off negatively only sets you up for potential failure. Negatively leads to poor concentration and frustration, leading to more mistakes and poor decisions.

Give each of these morning routine tips a try to see which one works with you the best. Be sure to try one at a time and give it the proper time to set in. Many habits take roughly three weeks to become automatic, giving you plenty of time to learn if it is right for you and your health.

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Four Alternatives to A Healthier Morning Routine

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