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Six Benefits of Having a Soul-Nourishing Exercise Routine

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Do you ever feel like your life lacks something? If so, then a soul-nourishing exercise routine may be just what you need. This routine is an exercise regime that boosts your mental and emotional health. Studies prove that regular physical activity is one of the best ways to promote inner peace and boost your overall quality of life, and with a soul-nourishing workout, you can take things to the next level.

Here are six benefits of having a soul-nourishing exercise routine:

Increased Energy Levels

One key benefit of a soul-nourishing exercise routine is increased energy levels. Regular physical activity helps to boost circulation, which helps to deliver oxygen throughout the body. This means that you’ll have more energy when engaging in activities throughout the day, allowing for improved productivity and alertness. Additionally, regular exercise improves metabolism, which leads to increased energy levels.

Improved Mental Health

Exercise releases endorphins into the body, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Doing something physical regularly creates a sense of calm within yourself. It improves your overall mood by making managing difficult emotions such as anger and sadness easier. This type of workout not only affects the mind but also aids in reducing depression symptoms and alleviating tension caused by chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Better Sleep Quality

Research shows that people who engage in regular physical activity tend to fall asleep faster than those who do not participate in any form of exercise whatsoever. Therefore, getting enough sleep is imperative for good health, mind, body, and soul. In addition, regular physical activity reduces stress and anxiety, which further contributes to better sleep.

Enhanced Flexibility and Strength

Regular physical activity increases muscle mass while reducing body fat, helping you to become more toned and fit. In addition, the more you move, the more you’ll develop strength and flexibility in your body. You may also notice that you can lift heavy objects more easily over time due to improved muscle strength.

Improved Self Esteem and Body Image

You’ll feel better about yourself when you continually follow your plan and get stronger and fitter. This helps to boost self-confidence and body image as you can see tangible results from your hard work.

Reduced Anxiety Levels

When you exercise, the endorphins released help reduce stress and anxiety. Taking the time to focus on yourself and do an activity you enjoy is a great way to de-stress, clear your mind of worries, and boost confidence.


As demonstrated, having a soul-nourishing exercise routine provides numerous mental and physical health benefits. If you’re considering getting started, finding something that works best for you regarding time commitment and overall enjoyment is essential. You may want to join a gym class or try at-home exercises like yoga or Pilates. Setting small, achievable goals and taking things one step at a time helps you stay on track.

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Six Benefits of Having a Soul-Nourishing Exercise Routine


  • Cindy Rae Fancher

    Exercise is one of those items we know we should do. Your list of positives is so true, but yet I still fight getting it accomplished. Now that I am older it is even more important especially for flexibility. Instead of thinking I will try, I need to say I will do! Thanks for the positive reminders! Cindy Rae

  • Martha

    Excellent list for reasons to exercise. Hubby and I love walking (even though it’s hard for him) but it get’s us outside. We also love swimming which is a great exercise for his RA. It does increase our energy level and flexibility. In the evening I like to wind down and exercise through meditation, this is great to help me sleep.

  • Tamara

    Today’s soul-nourishing exercise was an unstructured walking tour, driven by my curiostiy, through one of the most gorgeous cities in Switzerland. I hope that counts. I enjoyed myself, that must count for something. Plus I reached my smart watch goals.

  • Jeanine Byers

    Your post has inspired me! When I go to my doc appt next week, I will ask about what kind of exercise I can do. I have more than one chronic illness, and I just want to be sure to get the okay.

    • Dominique

      That is so very important! The doctor may also suggest another type of exercise that you may not have considered– one that might work well with your chronic illnesses. Good luck!

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